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Is Venture the Right Path for You?

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About this session

Learn the secrets behind Zapier's impressive $5 billion valuation directly from Wade Foster himself. Uncover the art of efficient growth, taking only what you need, and achieving profitability early as he shares his success without succumbing to traditional venture capital pressures.

Wade delves into the strategic decisions that propelled Zapier's success, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs contemplating alternative paths to scale. Explore the viability of non-traditional growth routes and discover if venturing outside the VC 'hamster wheel' is the right choice for your startup.

Why attend Founder Tactics?

Actionable Insights

Learn strategies and tactics that you can implement both inside and outside of your business from multi-time founders and VC’s who have seen it all.

VC best practices

Discover what investors wish more startups knew including how to avoid common mistakes and successful tactics they’ve seen across their thousands of investments.

Expert advice

Dive deep into topics that successful founders wish they’d known about sooner with subject matter experts.

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